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Educational Cooperative Service Unit

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Since 1976, Metro ECSU has been helping schools and other government agencies fulfill their missions by delivering high quality services while reducing costs through collaboration.

Metro ECSU
COUNTRY Financial Building
2 Pine Tree Drive, Suite 101
Arden Hills, MN 55112

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Celebrating the Power of Experience, Serving Members for over 31 years!

2011-12 Upcoming Events

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K-12 Professional Development
4/28: Going Deeper
4/28: Personalized Learning/21st Century Learning/ Customized Learning… In the High School

4/29: MN Associate of School Administrators Minnevate! - TIES Training Center
4/30: Building Alliances -Arden Hills
5/8: Student Voice Summit
5/12: May 2014 PBIS District Coaches Meeting
5/13: Learn about "Girls in Action"
5/14: PBIS Coaches Structured Networking, Cohorts 2-8
5/16: Region 11 TACSEI Internal/External Coaching Network: Wrapping Up -End of School Year
5/19: Cohort 10 PBIS Coaches Orientation
5/20: More than Hours: Creating Differentiated Kindergarten Environments
6/12: PBIS Regional District Leadership Team -June 2014 Meeting
6/16 & 6/17: Purposeful Collaboration through Co-Teaching
6/19 & 6/20: Sharing Summit
6/24, 8/25 & 8/26: Best Practices for English Language Learners
8/8: Sustaining PBIS
8/12 & 8/13: Adolescent Literacy Summit

Health & Safety
5/19: Electrical Training

Special Education Professional Development
4/26: Cue Reading
5/2: Community of Practice Program - Facilitating Communication Development for Young Children with Hearing Loss- Bloomington
5/2: Early Interventions for the CLD Learner -Woodbury

5/5: Community of Practice Program -Screening & Assessing Dual Language Learners who are also Deaf or Hard of Hearing -Plymouth
5/9: “EHDI 101” Introduction to Minnesota’s EHDI System and the Regional EHDI Teams
5/12: Videoconference: Diagnosis and Management of Children with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD)
5/22: Transition Focus Group
6/11: Minnesota Regional EHDI Teams’ 2014 Annual Training Meeting
6/18-6/20: Minnesota Autism Symposium for Educators - Peer Mediated Intervention: Creating Social Competence Across the Life Span

Metropolitan Principals' Academy
7/31: Building the Capacity to Meet Student Needs and Close the Learning Gap for ALL
10/28: Teaching and Engaging With the Brain in Mind

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