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Metro ECSU Program Directory

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Metro ECSU Administration

Environmental Health and Safety Services

  • Bianca Virnig
    Facilities and Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
  • Angela Skrade
    Program Coordinator

Metropolitan Education Leaders Network

Formerly Metropolitan Principals' Academy (MPA)

Success Beyond the Classroom Student Programs

E-12 Professional Development

Special Education

  • Ingrid Aasan
    Director of Special Education, Regional Low Incidence Facilitator
  • Kathy Anderson
    Statewide Early Hearing Detection/Intervention Specialist
  • Hope Brandt
    Regional ECSE Facilitator
  • Rich Burke
    Statewide Specialist for Developmental Adapted Physical Education
  • Tami Childs
    Coordinator, Minnesota Autism Project
  • Beth Dorsey
    Regional ECSE Facilitator
  • Kelly Bredeken
    Statewide PI and TBI Specialist
  • Ann L. Mayes, M.A.
    Statewide DeafBlind Specialist
    612/638-1527 (videophone)
  • Sally Hansen
    Regional ECSE Facilitator
  • Gail Jankowski
    Support for Special Education, JW Library and PBIS
  • Shuyin Maciel
    Information Architect
  • Sarah Meyer
    Regional ECSE Facilitator
  • Karen Satre
    Regional ECSE Facilitator
  • Kathy McKay
    Child Find/Public Awareness Coordinator
  • Kayna Plaisted
    Professional Development Facilitator, Region 11 Low Incidence Projects
  • Deanna Rothbauer
    Project Program Coordinator, MN DeafBlind Project
    Grant Program Manager, Metro ECSU
  • Sarah Ryan-Wood
    Program Manager, Region 11 Help Me Grow
  • Jennifer Blank
    Program Manager, Region 11 ECSE Professional Development, Centers of Excellence for Young Children with Disabilities
  • Anna Paulson
    Region 11 IEIC Program Manager
  • Angela Skrade
    Region 11 ECSE Professional Development Support
  • Lauren Sparr
    Metro Regional Implementation Project Coordinator
    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Contact Information

Susan Frame, Executive Assistant/Office Manager
61-638-1543, susan.frame@metroecsu.org

Metro ECSU Information

History & Governance
Metro ECSU, a nonprofit educational cooperative, was established in 1976 by the Minnesota Legislature to provide cost-effective, high quality education services and programs to public schools/districts, private schools and nonprofits in the Twin Cities metro area.

Metro ECSU Membership
Active membership in Metro ECSU is open to each public school district which has chosen to join the cooperative by paying the appropriate membership fees.

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List of 2020-21 School District Members.

Metro ECSU Staff Directory
List of Metro ECSU Staff, alpha sorted.

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List of Metro ECSU Staff, sorted by program.

Metro ECSU Employment Opportunities
Metro ECSU is an equal opportunity employer.

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More Information about our organization.

Cooperative Purchasing Services

A wide variety of products are available with our program, the Cooperative Purchasing Connection. Vendor contracts are established through a formal bid process conducted by Minnesota Service Cooperatives (MSC).

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Metro ECSU Membership

Active membership in Metro ECSU is open to each public school district which has chosen to join the cooperative by paying the appropriate membership fees. With membership districts can participate and vote in the governance of the co-op.

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