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Title:  Region 11 Help Me Grow Interagency Early Intervention Committee (IEIC) Grant Project Coordinator

(1.0 Full Time Equivalent-260 days)


This position exists to lead the Region 11 Help Me Grow IEIC in providing a high quality, comprehensive, coordinated system of regionalized interagency leadership and support; technical assistance in child find activities; and in building public awareness in order that young children with disabilities and their families achieve positive outcomes.


The incumbent must develop and maintain significant relationships with leaders of local programs, including school districts, county agencies, parents of children with disabilities, community organizations, child advocacy organizations, institutions of higher education, regional staff and consultants for other early childhood programs and a wide variety of service providers, marketing systems, and printing vendors.

The incumbent must attend local, state and regional workshops/meetings as needed. 

The incumbent must work closely with the Minnesota Department of Education, the Minnesota Department of Health staff and members from other regional interagency projects on fulfilling the work of the project.  

General Duties:

  • Work with the state lead agency to implement policies and procedures related to development of public awareness systems, reducing families’ needs for future services, and other policies and procedures as necessary.
  • Work with the IEIC to develop regional policies and procedures including those related to Part C, per the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. 
  • Recruit a diverse group of individuals to serve on the IEIC in conjunction with current members
  • Work with the Child Find and Public Awareness subcommittee on the development and implementation of the overall IEIC Work Plan
  • Maintain ongoing linkages and communication with former IEIC members and SEAUs
  • Work closely with IEIC Co-chairs on developing agendas for IEIC meetings, preparing materials to be reviewed by IEIC membership including draft meeting minutes, collecting information needed for distribution, and inviting guest speakers to IEIC meetings.
  • Provide training for new IEIC members
  • Manage the IEIC budget and report on the budget at IEIC meetings
  • Maintain outreach to parents and providers via social media, YouTube and the Help Me Grow website
  • Develop and oversee contracts. Report on updates to the Regional IEIC or constituents. Plan and oversee collection of evaluation reports.
  • Maintain weekly connections with the marketing firm, work collaboratively with marketing on a broad range of initiatives
  • Update the Help Me Grow website in conjunction with MDE and the marketing firm


The position requires the following knowledge:

  • Theory, research and practice of evidence-based early intervention and early childhood special education
  • Theory and research of effective professional development
  • Relevant federal and state laws, rules and policies related to young children and their families
  • Keen understanding of the complexities of the early childhood service continuum and the need for systemic reform
  • Keen understanding of the referral process in the region’s school districts and counties
  • Local educational, county and other agency administration.

The position requires the following skills and abilities:

  • Ability to use technology, including social media, for synchronous or asynchronous communication, or willingness to learn new strategies to enhance public awareness.
  • Ability to analyze and report data in Excel, SPSS or another analysis package to answer questions related to early intervention/early childhood special services, programs and resource allocation; and make appropriate recommendations based on this data
  • Ability to manage information and deadlines
  • Ability to appropriately prioritize competing tasks and delegate
  • Ability to take initiative to meet identified goals
  • Ability to direct and manage a 6-digit budget
  • Ability to effectively manage large and small group work and discussions
  • Ability to effectively manage regional and statewide Child Find and Public Awareness campaigns


Submit a letter of interest and resume to Sarah.Ryan-Wood@metroecsu.org by January 8, 2021.

Direct questions about the posting or position to Ingrid.Aasan@metroecsu.org by January 8, 2021.

Metro ECSU is an equal opportunity employer.

Contact Information

Ingrid Aasan, Ingrid.Aasan@metroecsu.org

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