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Helping children learn to their full potential

Tech Talk contains information about programs, services, events andresources for K-12 teachers, parents and special program staff. It is published two times per year.

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Contact Information

Ingrid Aasan, Director of Special Education Programs
612-638-1517, ingrid.aasan@metroecsu.org

Kayna Plaisted, Professional Development Facilitator
Region 11 Low Incidence Projects
612-638-1538, kayna.plaisted@metroecsu.org

Special Education Programs

Centers Of Excellence
We believe that using data to inform our practice at multiple levels of implementation ultimately contributes towards a positive impact on the children and families we serve.

MN Low Incidence Projects (website)
are designed to assist school districts across the state in fulfilling federal requirements in the areas of implementation of the IDEA, professional development and insuring the availability of high quality staff in the low incidence areas of Special Education.

Regional Low Incidence Project - Region 11
is one of eleven state projects. These projects address identified gaps and needs in special education programs and related services for students identified with any Low Incidence disability.

Region 11 IEIC Project
is responsible for the implementation of Help Me Grow child find and public awareness in the 7-county metro area. Help Me Grow is a statewide initiative that conducts outreach and public awareness activities to connect young children who have developmental delays or disabilities and their families to free early intervention services.

Greater MN Launch PAD
is a program that provides culturally affirmative psychological assessments to students (ages 0-21) who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind, who live in Greater Minnesota (outside the 7 county metro area) and attend a Minnesota public school.

Free Digital Para Development Resources
for MN Paraprofessionals working with students who have low incidence disabilities. Compiled by the Region 11 - MN Low Incidence Projects.

Special Education Main
Finding creative, cost-effective approaches to help students with disabilities is the goal of these special education programs housed at Metro ECSU. Programs provide technical assistance and cutting-edge staff development.

Judy Wolff Library

Lending Library Materials are available September through June for Minnesota residents only. Please contact the library to reserve items well in advance of time needed.

Library More Information

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