MELN Leadership In-Service Series

Developing Leadership Skills

2019-2020 Events

For Instructional Leaders, Instructional Coaches, Curriculum Coordinators, Principals, Assistant Principals, Q Comp Coordinators, Lead Teachers, Peer Reviewers, District leaders and all other education leaders.

This Year’s Theme – Honing Your Leadership Craft

Traditional Format — AM Session 8:30 - 11:30 or PM Session 12:30 - 3:30

The Five Voices: Transforming Team Communication —  Rynell Schock/Giant Worldwide
October 24, 2019, Metro ECSU

Rynell Schock photoGain a deeper understanding of how to communicate with greater influence for building healthy relationships. Learn the value of each of the Five Voices and identify the foundational voice you use. Celebrate the contribution your Voice brings and learn the negative impact your Voice can have on others. This session is appropriate for individuals and excellent for teams. Two follow up sessions will be offered to go deeper into creating healthy communication in teams.

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Leading with Intention — Jeanne Spiller
November 6, 2019, Metro ECSU

Jeanne Spiller photoJoin us and discover actionable steps for staff collaboration, evidence-based decision making and change leadership that will ensure student learning comes first. Explore eight interrelated areas of school leadership that make it easy for leaders to focus on what gets results. Participants will acquire 40+ specific instructional leadership actions you can put into practice immediately.

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Problem Solving with Student Voice: Practical Strategies and Lessons from the Field Imina Oftedahl & Kristine Schaefer
January 14, 2020, METRO ECSU

Imina Oftedahl and Kristine Schaefer photosImina Oftedahl, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Burnsville/Eagan/Savage Kristine Schaefer, Assistant Superintendent Academic Excellence and Accountability, South Washington County

Are you working on addressing disparities in your student population? Using student voice is a key process in addressing the problem. How do we create opportunities to hear student voice? How do we facilitate studentconversations and hear student stories? How do we work with the student data once we have it?

Join us asweexplore proactive strategies to address these issues and challenges. Specific examples of how it is being used successfully invarious situations will be provided. Team planning and reflection time will be infusedthroughout the session.


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Difficult Conversations — John Eller
February 11, 2020, METRO ECSU

John Eller photoConversations about some issues are difficult. Meetings or conversations with some people are difficult. Though difficult, it is important these conversations are done well.Understand what motivates difficult behaviors in others. Gain tools for holding difficult conversations, including a planning template and keys to working with specific situations. 


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