MELN Leadership In-Service Series

Developing Leadership Skills

Events 2020-21

For Instructional Leaders, Instructional Coaches, Curriculum Coordinators, Principals, Assistant Principals, Q Comp Coordinators, Lead Teachers, Peer Reviewers, District Leaders and all other education leaders.

This Year’s Theme: Flexible/Distance Learning How can leaders best support teachers in today’s learning environment?

Virtual Format —Four sessions; Two dates/times for each 2-hour session. Choose the date that fits your schedule. Each session is limited to 25 participants – Register early at


No fee MELN members.
Members over Tier, $40/person/session
Nonmembers $75/person/session.

The future is flexible and student-centered. Educators are supporting students amidst profound learning loss, trauma, and inequity as the coronavirus pandemic shifts how we do school. At the same time, educators have innovated rapidly and connected with community in new ways. How can we, as leaders, best support our teachers in this changeable environment?

Join us for the MELN Leadership In-Service Series of interactive virtual workshops to help leaders build student-centered learning communities, whether online or in the classroom. This series will explore how to provide equitable and student-centered instruction in distance learning modalities, whether that is a part or all, of their instruction. Workshops will include 1:1 and small group formats to investigate research-based concepts and strategies, create concrete plans, and gain insight from peers.

Participants will also be given one year of access to BetterLesson Professional Learning Lab: In the BL Lab, educators will have access to premium strategies that are aligned to district priorities and tailored to support their growth.

Session 1: Flexible Learning Revisited: Best Practices & Big Ideas

A. Wed, Sept. 23, 1-3 pm
B. Tues, Nov. 24, 9-11 am

In this session, we build a deeper understanding of the best practices of teaching and learning flexibly, including distance learning pedagogy, and asynchronous and synchronous learning. This knowledge can support instructional leadership and vision. Participants will explore multiple flexible learning tasks to illustrate the role that technology and synchronous/asynchronous learning play in designing learning. Participants will conclude by building a model of a day in the life of a student in different realities of flexible learning, to articulate what ‘success’ looks like in learning during today’s uncertain time.

Register online at

Session 2: Trauma-Informed Practices for Leaders: Taking a Positive Approach

A. Wed, Sept. 30, 1-3 pm
B. Tues, Oct. 6, 9-11 am

In this session, we discuss trauma within the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, how it influences learning, and how we as leaders can model and lead educators to prioritize trauma informed practices. Leaders will walk away from the session with a plan for how they will support educators in creating safe and positive learning environments that respect students’ needs in our current reality.

Register online at

Session 3: Leading for Equity: Prioritizing Needs & Ensuring Access to Resources

A. Wed, Oct. 28, 1-3 pm
B. Mon, Nov. 16, 9-11 am

In this session, we define and sharpen the lens of equity through targeted scenario-based work that explores technology access, English learners and special education needs, and resource deployment. Participants will use scenarios and examples to practice using equity as a lens in decision making, as well as how to compromise and balance with the challenges of leading through change. They will then have a chance to narrow their focus on specific areas of equity and establish a way to use it as a lens or a check on their systems.

Register online at

Session 4: Academic Gaps: Using Data to Stop the Slide & Move Forward

A. Wed, Nov. 11, 1-3 pm
B. Wed, Dec. 9, 1-3 pm

With academic gaps growing and affecting students of color and those who live in poverty disproportionately, it is imperative that schools identify clear, data-informed strategies to ‘stop the slide’. In this session, we focus on academic gaps and remediation strategies and supports that remain student centered and actionable in practice. Addressing the gaps that have formed is a key part of any change management strategy entering the new school year. We will go deeper into possible ‘systems’ that can be created to close academic gaps, based on data and scenarios. An academic gap system is a closed loop, meaning data that we collect to institute the system can be used to gauge its effect as well and ensure that the intervention is sustainable and actionable for all stakeholders involved. Participants will conclude the session by outlining a strategic plan reflecting what the 5 identified gap-closing approaches might look like in their own realities and get peer feedback that will be used to help implement these approaches.

Register online at

Special Accommodations

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if special accommodations are needed, contact Susan Frame, 612-638-1543 or, at least two to three weeks before the event date. Special accommodation cancellation notices are accepted no later than two business days before the event date. Cancellations after the deadline will be billed for special accommodations fees.

Registration Information

Two-hour virtual sessions. Must attend two sessions to receive 3 BOSA clock hours.

Register Online at:

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Registration & Cancellation Deadline

For each session, deadline is two business days before the training.
For each session, cancellation must be completed at least two business days before the training.

Contact Information

Registration Contact: Susan Frame, Program Coordinator, 612-638-1543,

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